Earthsong reflects Gaia's intentions towards the land and her relationships with both human and more-than-human beings. Earthsong is a journey, both inner and outer, that informs Gaia's practice and daily life.

Earthsong is a pilgrimage of the heart and soul.

It asks the questions…

As an artist how do I manifest peace?

As a human being how to I radiate peace?

What is peace & where does it reside?


The project consists of:

The creation of new work
- exploring & capturing the essence of peace.

Daily action as ritual.

A backpack
- for the gathering of tools and other items which are required
on the journey.


- recognising that there are other forms of consciousness
which have a ‘voice’ including the land, plants, trees and other

beings, insect and animal life.

The practice of deep listening and imagining.

- to walk alongside to experience and enrich the journey.
Companions are chosen specifically, may request to join, or may
be involved as the result of a synchronistic event.

- of the journey process in any form that it dictates

to convey the experience.

- on purpose, intention, experience & direction.