In a world of division embrace kindness & unity.
Be the change.

Everyone can benefit from a culture of care


Gaia provides a consultancy service on neuro-diversity & disability access issues for both organisations & individual artists who wish to improve their capacity for working or welcoming neuro-diverse artists and visitors.


She has worked with g39, Arts Council Wales, Wales Cultural Alliance & Wales Arts International as a consultant advising on equality of access, access to funding, including new funding strands, and re-framing international opportunities for disabled artists.

Kindness and Raising the Bar Together are two of Gaia's Advocacy projects delivered in partnership with g39 (Kindness) and Arts Council Wales (Raising the Bar) :

Why Gaia?

Gaia is neuro-diverse herself with a diagnosis of ASD (Aspergers) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). She has previously worked as a health practitioner and has trained and mentored others within the same field.


Her experience of barriers to access within the visual arts fuelled her desire to facilitate much needed change. She is a firm believer in honest conversation where issues are explored with an openness to embrace creative action & change for the benefit of all.


Gaia has completed training courses in neuro-diversity and sensory processing disorder with Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Adult Neuro-developmental Unit. She has also worked with neuro-diverse young people within the Scouting Association.

Below are examples of how Gaia can advise and support. However, as every access situation is unique this list is not exhaustive. Please contact Gaia directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Support for organisations:


  • Auditing how organisations work with disabled artists. Supporting creation of neurodivergent-friendly environments.

  • Advising on the development of projects and opportunities that embrace disabled artists.

  • Training and talks focussed on inclusivity and access.

  • Creative consultation workshops around access and talents, recognising ability rather than disability.

  • Helping organisations develop a culture of care & kindness.


'Your contribution as an individual to our new application process has prompted great discussion within the Arts Council which is ongoing.' 

Arts Council Wales Development Officer

'We have valued working with Gaia - as the beneficiary of one to one sessions, as one of the commissions for the Resource programme and as part of this process [Artist Consultation].' 

Anthony Shapland, Founder g39

'I am personally on a learning journey and have learnt a lot from working with you and am grateful to you for your patience in this process.

Arts Council Wales Project Manager

'Thanks so much for your invaluable support'

Wales Cultural Alliance

'Thank you for this level of detail, I did not expect this at all. You are so generous with your time.'

DAC (Disability Arts Cymru)